| Natalie | England | Nihilist | “Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind and has given up worrying once and for all.”
— Ovid

it would probably be alright if i couldn’t hear people talking and laughing accompanying the music.

  -  26 July

the inconsideration is overpowering my love for this song

  -  26 July

how can you speak that loudly 

  -  26 July

man i should have gone out tonight 

  -  26 July

lol i’m so calling someone about the noise disturbance

  -  25 July

Free chicken burger in my tum

  -  16 July

  -  16 July

always irritating when everyone makes the assumption you will have children one day, no question about it - seemingly an inevitability. 

  -  13 July

Urgh work hates me

  -  12 July

Strangely satisfying when you predict an episode.

  -  9 July

For the love of god who signed me up for

Man Chelt racecourse was alright

  -  5 July
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